DisputeSoft’s software experts deliver wide-ranging expert technical analysis and expert witness services in software disputes.

    DisputeSoft’s clients include Big Law firms, boutique practices, and sole practitioners who represent Fortune 100 companies, government clients, and corporate and individual clients across all industries in disputes involving software failure, intellectual property, and computer forensics.

    Our experts apply decades of real-world software development and implementation experience to investigate produced systems and documents, reach findings and opinions, prepare expert reports, and defend opinions at deposition and trial.

    Based in the Washington, D.C. metropolitan area, our practice is international in scope, with clients located in Europe, Asia, Canada, and major U.S. cities such as New York, Boston, Chicago, Miami, Dallas, and San Francisco.

    DisputeSoft has served as an expert witness on disputes before state and federal courts, including the U.S. Court of Federal Claims (CFC), U.S. International Trade Commission (ITC), and U.S. Patent Trial and Appeal Board (PTAB), and before domestic and international arbitration panels.

    We apply scientific, technical and specialized knowledge gained from decades of real-world experience as software engineers, project managers and systems integrators to substantially assist the trier of fact to understand the evidence or to determine a fact in issue.

    DisputeSoft provides expert analysis and opinion in areas related to software failure, trade secret misappropriation, copyright and patent infringement, and computer forensics.
    Our team of professionals leverages years of experience in the legal and information technology fields, including significant experience as software analysts, IT system analysts, and testifying experts.
    DisputeSoft professionals have served as testifying experts for hundreds of matters related to software failure, intellectual property, and computer forensics.

    The Ethics of Serving as an Expert Witness

    In disputes involving complex technical issues, the opinion of an expert witness can be critical for assisting the trier of fact in understanding the evidence and ascertaining the truth. This imposes an obligation of intellectual honesty upon the expert, whose testimony can affect the outcome of a trial.
    We take seriously our responsibility to provide impartial opinions.
    We seek the truth using reliable, science-based methodologies.
    Intellectual Honesty
    We avoid misleading statements at all costs.
    Thanks to our core values of Independence, Objectivity, and Intellectual Honesty, DisputeSoft has never been successfully Daubert challenged in 425+ engagements over 20 years.

    Expert Reports

    Reports submitted as expert evidence or proffered independent of litigation

    Expert Testimony

    Expert opinions defended at trial and at deposition

    Affidavits and Declarations

    Expert assistance to support motions during litigation

    Acquisition of Evidence

    Assistance acquiring systems and drafting document production requests

    Core Expertise

    Whether a dispute requires software intellectual property expertise or  software failure expertise, experienced DisputeSoft professionals can assist both in uncovering, preserving and acquiring relevant data and software, and in the analysis needed to resolve the underlying dispute in a cost-effective and expeditious manner.

    Our analysis usually leads to expert opinions and an expert report, which we are prepared to defend in deposition or at trial with effective and persuasive expert testimony. Our professionals also have experience with preparing affidavits and declarations to support motions, as well as assisting with discovery, including drafting document production requests.

    Irrespective of the type of software dispute you may have, we have developed a specialty in uncovering facts that support or refute underlying technical issues. To achieve this result, we have developed a core discipline in computer forensics and electronic discovery. Expertise in these areas is imperative for effectively locating and recovering relevant electronically stored information (ESI), given that today virtually all business records are stored electronically.

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