Aaron Green
    Senior Consultant

    Aaron Green assists DisputeSoft experts with technical analyses in software-related matters, including trade secret misappropriation, intellectual property, and contract disputes.


    • Programming Languages & Databases

      Java, Python, C, Ruby, Racket, SQL, among others

    • Frameworks & Data Analysis Tools

      Git, Wireshark

    • Operating Systems & Servers

      Windows, Linux

    At DisputeSoft, Aaron assists in preparing expert, rebuttal, and investigative reports by reviewing disputed source code, databases, and various computer systems. His knowledge of data science, scripting, and object oriented programming allows him to effectively assist clients with the technical aspects of software-related matters, including matters involving allegations of software misappropriation and intellectual property infringement.

    Aaron recently graduated from the University of Maryland with a B.S. in Computer Science, and a B.S. in Physics. Throughout college, he strengthened his analytical, teaching, and technological communication skills during his time researching the use of machine learning in improving intraocular pressure measurements. Aaron also conducted multidisciplinary research within physics and computer science, which included exploring novel quantum materials and developing a fully proven quantum programming language.


    • B.S., University of Maryland

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