Our experts perform forensic schedule analysis services to assess the schedule development, schedule management, and chain of causation that led to delays on software development projects.

    DisputeSoft experts provide in-depth analysis of the history of a project, how it was performed, and how that performance was captured in the project schedule updates and other forensic evidence. Using that information, and an appropriate forensic critical path method (CPM) of analysis, our experts determine the critical delays affecting a project, the length of the delays, and the causation of those delays. This information allows parties to understand the appropriateness of time-related costs and damages assessments, and assert responsibility for periods of delay. Expert opinions are developed from that analysis, and provided in the form of reports, presentations, and testimony.

    When Schedule Analysis is Valuable

    Many disputes require opinions and testimony regarding project schedules, project history, and delays occurring in the performance of the work. If there are delay damages in the case, a schedule analysis is required to determine the appropriateness of the application of damages and the duration of the delays to which damages can be applied. When responsibility for delays to a project are a key issue in the dispute, our analysis and findings are fundamentally important. Forensic schedule analysis services are also valuable when there are issues related to production or productivity of software developers in the case, and/or claims of inefficiency or acceleration.

    How We Can Help

    Forensic Schedule Analysis

    DisputeSoft’s in-depth forensic schedule analysis provides a comprehensive history of the performance of work activities and project events. Our forensic critical path analysis provides an understanding of how the delay events on a project affected individual work activities and the interdependencies between work activities. This understanding is integrated into our analysis to determine the longest string of activities and events leading to project completion. Our schedule delay analysts are well versed in project planning and scheduling best practices, and possess relevant certifications including Project Management Professional (PMP) and Planning and Scheduling Professional (PSP).

    We apply the appropriate delay methodology to the data cultivated from our analysis based upon recognized industry best practices in order to synthesize the data and develop our opinions. Our forensic schedule analysis experts utilize such industry standard methodologies to determine the length of delay periods and attribution of cause(s) of those delay periods in our analysis. These determinations can be applied to find the appropriateness of time-related damages claimed in a dispute. The results of our analysis are incorporated into effective demonstratives and reports, making the complex clear through our presentations and testimony.

    Productivity and Production Analysis

    Sometimes the review of start and finish dates recorded within a schedule is not sufficient to explain the key delays or impacts that are in dispute. Our experts provide analysis regarding labor production and productivity on a project and develop findings and opinions from that analysis. Labor productivity and production analysis provides a deeper understanding and narrative of what occurs between recorded work activity dates. These findings can describe the focus of the parties during a given time, delays that occurred and when they occurred, ramp-up effort periods, stop-work periods, inefficiencies, acceleration efforts, and other labor-related metrics that can provide valuable explanation regarding the causation and effects of various delay events. With these findings, comprehensive opinions and testimony can be developed that go beyond what a typical schedule analysis can provide.

    Featured Case

    BearingPoint v. United States (Department of Interior)

    DisputeSoft performed schedule analyses, labor analyses, and causation and delay analyses for an expert and rebuttal report.

    Our schedule delay analysts are well versed in project planning and scheduling best practices, and possess relevant certifications including Project Management Professional (PMP) and Planning and Scheduling Professional (PSP).

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