DisputeSoft’s experts have the technical skill to assess the merits of a claim before a client engages in potentially lengthy and costly litigation.

    Before litigating, a client may wish to conduct an investigation that assesses the technical merits of its claims, and whether the merits are outweighed by other factors. A client may also be preparing to enter settlement negotiations or mediation, and it may seek assurance that it has a strong and well-defined position based on the technical evidence available. DisputeSoft’s experts can identify the strengths (and weaknesses) of a client’s position to optimize settlement negotiations.

    Restructuring and Renegotiation

    Our experts can also assist counsel with the restructuring or renegotiation of contracts that are no longer effective. DisputeSoft also has also been called on to estimate the cost to complete a project, and to lay out the steps needed to get a project back on track, should the parties decide that it is worth salvaging.

    Experts on Pre-Litigation Matters

    Anne Ackerman

    Director, Operations

    Anne Ackerman has extensive experience in investigating software failure matters, inclu…

    Need Pre-Litigation Services?

    If you are an attorney in need of pre-litigation services, we invite you to contact DisputeSoft.