DisputeSoft has served as an independent expert for realtors, government agencies, and residential and commercial real estate investors.

    Realtors, investors, and property management companies use software to accomplish diverse goals such as streamlining workflow and automating property management. Common applications such as Property Management System Software (PMS), Multiple Listing Service Software (MLS), Comparative Market Analysis Software (CMA), and Real Estate Valuation Software can improve business performance and communication between tenants and property managers. However, disputes may arise over the ownership of intellectual property of real estate software, or over development or implementation of such software by a vendor.

    Our experience with the real estate industry includes both intellectual property and software project failure matters. DisputeSoft has examined source code to find evidence of reverse engineering or copying in a property management system, testified at trial regarding best practices in software testing and error correction in connection with a real estate software project implementation, and performed functional validation testing to determine whether a tenant management system was ready for production.

    Representative Real Estate Industry Cases

    DisputeSoft was engaged by T&S Property Management, LLC in this computer forensics dispute involving an allegedly breached license agreement.
    DisputeSoft was engaged by Real Forms as a computer forensics expert in this software failure dispute involving the implementation of real estate software.
    DisputeSoft was engaged by TCHC in this software failure dispute involving the implementation of a Tenant Management System.

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    DisputeSoft provides expert consulting and testifying services to law firms engaged in complex software disputes within the real estate industry.