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    Jeff Parmet

    Jeff Parmet is a widely respected IT dispute resolution specialist who has served as a consulting or testifying expert on more than 200 software-related disputes.

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    Jeff serves DisputeSoft clients in the capacity of software failure expert, software intellectual property expert, Internet/E-commerce expert, or computer forensic and electronic discovery expert, depending on the requirements of the particular matter.

    Jeff has been involved in resolving more than 200 software disputes, and has served as a computer software expert witness in critical and high-profile cases on numerous occasions. The hallmark of Jeff’s practice is independent and objective technical consulting services leading to advice and/or expert witness testimony involving information technology.

    With 50+ years’ experience in the IT field (including 21 with PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP, whose IT-dispute practice he led until his retirement from the firm in 2003), Jeff represents plaintiffs and defendants & software developers and customers alike. He has been designated as a software expert in federal and state court, as well as in arbitrations and mediations. He has served as a court-appointed neutral expert and presented in numerous IT programs for lawyers.

    Jeff’s 50+ years’ experience in information technology includes software development and testing, project management, and systems integration. His experience includes the full life-cycle of software development from business requirements definition to functional and technical specifications to system design, development, testing, deployment, post-production support, and licensing. He has worked as a project manager on software development projects both large and small using a variety of software engineering, project management and costing methodologies. He has led implementations and evaluations of many types of software applications such as ERP, HR, accounting, financial management, insurance claims processing and customer care. He has worked extensively with leading HR and ERP software products such as SAP and Oracle, as well as with large custom systems. His industry experience includes retail, financial services, insurance, manufacturing, government, utilities, emergency response and automotive, among others. He has negotiated numerous software licenses, software services, and software maintenance agreements.

    Since 1996, he has served as consultant and/or been designated testifying expert on cases involving computer system implementation and service failures. He has also served as an expert on leading trade secret, copyright and patent infringement disputes. He also has extensive experience in e-commerce and serves as a technical adviser to two e-commerce start-up companies.

    Representative Experience

    MedCorp, Inc. v. Pinpoint Technologies, Inc. and Zoll Data Systems, Inc.

    Nature of Suit: Software project failure matter regarding dispatch and billing software
    Role: Testifying expert

    • Jeff performed an analysis of the Zoll software and database architecture
    • Jeff proffered expert and rebuttal reports and gave depositions on each, wherein he opined that MedCorp’s system performance issues were caused by MedCorp’s failure to observe Zoll’s clearly stated specifications for both hardware configuration and current operating system and database versions

    InDyne, Inc. v. Abacus Technology Corp.

    Nature of Suit: Copyright infringement and trade secret misappropriation matter regarding a contract management system
    Role: Testifying expert

    • Jeff analyzed source code and established that it was not a copy of the registered work as it existed at the time of its publication in 2003, but instead was a version that had been substantially modified from 2003-2008
    • Jeff proffered an expert report wherein he explained that InDyne’s failure to produce an intact copy of the software version registered for copyright rendered it impossible to test whether the allegedly infringing work was “substantially similar” to InDyne’s copyrighted work

    Frontline Placement Technologies, Inc. v. CRS, Inc.

    Nature of Suit: Software patent infringement matter regarding a system for performing automated substitute-teacher fulfillment
    Role: Consulting expert

    • Jeff reviewed source code and the Frontline patent prosecution history, researched and analyzed prior art references, and issued expert reports regarding both non-infringement and invalidity
    • Jeff concluded that the disputed claims were invalid and that CRS’s software program did not infringe the Frontline patent


    • J.D., cum laude, San Fernando Valley College of Law

    • B.A., Cornell University

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