AI and software copyright infringement
    Artificial Intelligence Systems Present Copyright Infringement Concerns and Challenges
    Creative works generated by artificial intelligence (“AI”) have become increasingly popularized in recent months. Popular AI art generators, such as DALL-E 2, Lensa, and Stable Diffusion, are programs that allow an end user to express otherwise basic parameter inputs, such as genre, style, and content, and then direct the AI software to generate a new […]
    software failure expert witnesses
    IT Software Project Failure: Typical Root Causes of Action in Litigation
    DisputeSoft’s software project failure expert witnesses have worked on over 100 cases where the central dispute is best summarized as a failed software/IT project implementation.  Based on our extensive years of experience in such matters, we have cataloged the root causes of these more than 100 cases of IT and computer software project failure, of […]
    theft of trade secrets expert witnesses
    Examining and Protecting Trade Secrets in IT Litigation
    DisputeSoft's Jeff Parmet and Tom Ashley discuss the issues a software expert must address when supporting litigation in which trade secrets are involved.

    Industry News

    Implicit Sues Salesforce Over Patent Infringement
    On April 11, 2022, Implicit LLC filed a lawsuit against for allegedly infringing on its patented intellectual property.
    SuperCare Health Announces Data Breach
    On April 11, 2022, respiratory care provider SuperCare Health announced that they were victims of a data breach.
    credit card
    ASIC Sues Macquarie Bank Over Software System Failure
    On April 5, 2022, the ASIC filed a lawsuit against Macquarie Bank over a software system failure.