software failure expert witnesses discuss code quality
    Diving Into Code Quality: Factors Affecting Code Quality
    Read about why high code quality matters, and learn about what factors directly affect code quality.
    data migration for a software expert witness
    Software Project Failure Disputes Litigation Frequently Due To Failed or Delayed Data Migration 
    Avoiding Delays in Data Migration Projects Organizations often must transfer legacy business data when replacing their current software with a new system. This process, known as “data migration,” is a major source of delays in software implementations. 1 Through analyzing hundreds of software-related lawsuits, DisputeSoft’s software experts have identified several common themes in troubled data migration […]
    Agile software failure disputes
    When Agile Development Goes Wrong: Common Pitfalls in Agile Software Implementations
    Various software development methodologies have been created to accommodate the needs of different projects and organizational cultures. Traditional software development methods, often known as predictive, or “waterfall” methods, typically require the creation of detailed requirements and design documentation before constructing, testing, and delivering software. In recent decades, the software industry has embraced more flexible approaches […]

    Industry News

    Implicit Sues Salesforce Over Patent Infringement
    On April 11, 2022, Implicit LLC filed a lawsuit against for allegedly infringing on its patented intellectual property.
    SuperCare Health Announces Data Breach
    On April 11, 2022, respiratory care provider SuperCare Health announced that they were victims of a data breach.
    credit card
    ASIC Sues Macquarie Bank Over Software System Failure
    On April 5, 2022, the ASIC filed a lawsuit against Macquarie Bank over a software system failure.