DisputeSoft has served as an independent expert for travel reward program companies and businesses involved in reservation system contract disputes.

    Customer Experience (CX) Technology, Property Management Software (PMS), and other inventory and logistics management systems are now widely implemented by hotels, restaurants, and tourism-related companies. Event management companies use software to automate event marketing, registration, and logistics, while the hotel industry uses software to manage front desk capabilities such as booking reservations, checking guests in/out, and improving the accuracy of guest profiles through analytics reporting. Restaurants also use Point of Sale (POS) and restaurant management systems to automate accounting, scheduling, and inventory processes.

    Disputes within the hospitality industry may arise when such hospitality management systems fail, or are purchased by a hotel/restaurant manager but do not fully meet the buyer’s business requirements. DisputeSoft has worked as a technical expert in the hospitality industry on several occasions. On one such occasion, DisputeSoft served as a software project failure expert on behalf of a company that designs and operates employee reward and customer loyalty programs. Our experts performed a schedule delay analysis in connection with a cancelled credit card rewards management system.

    In a trade secret misappropriation dispute involving event management software, DisputeSoft used proprietary tools leveraged in our Code ACE™ service in conjunction with manual code review by experts to identify potential overlaps in the source code and database schema. DisputeSoft also served as a testifying expert in a contract dispute involving the development of an online reservation system for vacation packages. Our experts identified material deviations from technical and functional specifications and applicable industry standards and tested the delivered system to investigate alleged defects.

    Representative Hospitality Industry Cases

    DisputeSoft was engaged by Informix Software, Inc. in this software project failure dispute involving an online vacation package reservation system.
    DisputeSoft was engaged by Visa USA Inc. in this software project failure dispute involving points-based rewards software.
    DisputeSoft was engaged as a neutral expert in this copyright infringement and trade secret misappropriation dispute involving event management software.

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