DisputeSoft Uses Its Proven Track Record in Handling Software Patent Disputes for Law Firms And Their Clients

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    Dr. Raj Subbu
    software patents expert witrnesses

    DisputeSoft, experts in I.T. and computer software litigation, announces that it is applying its experience to the complex issues of software patent infringement. Through its software and I.T. experts who understand intellectual property nuances, DisputeSoft are patent infringement expert witnesses while providing a comprehensive means of analyzing software systems and their patents. This enables litigants to resolve their intellectual property disputes cost-effectively.

    DisputeSoft aids software and I.T. companies with complex intellectual property disputes by performing deep analysis and offering in-depth reports that can help clients determine the validity of their patents and the extent to which these have been infringed.

    The company also provides support through depositions and testifying in trials for software patent cases. Essential to their role in helping those that are dealing with these challenging cases is DisputeSoft’s capacity to carry out source code reviews, patent claim analyses, and develop claim charts, all of which help clients defend their claims.

    DisputeSoft’s experience allows it to advise both patent owners that require aid when evaluating a competitor’s product and owners of products that may have patent infringement challenges.

    DisputeSoft has nearly 20 years of experience helping clients resolve software-based legal issues; their clients span multiple industries and include Big Law firms, sole practitioners, boutique practices, and governments. Its proven team of experts applies its wealth of experience in software development and implementation to derive highly defensible opinions.

    Working out of Washington DC, with a satellite office in New York, DisputeSoft views its work through an international lens; it has clients across the United States, Canada, and Australia. DisputeSoft has taken on several disputes that have come before various state and federal courts.

    The DisputeSoft method utilizes a combination of scientific, technical, and specialized understanding of the software industry to provide clients with the strongest technical counsel upholding the company’s core values of independence, objectivity, and intellectual honesty. Dr. Subbu, the President of DisputeSoft, got his early start in technology patents at G.E. Global Research, where he successfully filed and obtained 28 different U.S. Patents in software technology. 

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