DisputeSoft Retained as Software Expert Witness in the Dispute and Trial Involving the Teaching of Project Management

    Nick Ferrara
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    DisputeSoft was engaged as a testifying software project failure expert witness in 2020 by the plaintiff (and defendant by way of counterclaim) in the matter of Workplace Technologies Research (WTRI), Inc. v. Project Management Institute (PMI), Inc., a software project failure dispute in the United States District Court for the Southern District of California.  The dispute involved a contract for implementing software for teaching project management.

    Both parties claimed that the other breached the contract during their business relationship. Relevant technical issues raised by the defendant included allegations of poor code quality and a failure by WTRI to meet the requirements set forth in the parties’ agreement.

    As software failure expert witnesses and technical experts, DisputeSoft:

    1.     Prepared code quality assessments of WTRI’s source code to investigate PMI’s allegations of poor code quality.

    2.     Conducted an analysis of the architecture of WTRI’s solution and validated whether WTRI had successfully met specific functional requirements.

    3.     Our software schedule delay and analysis expert witnesses examined related project management issues, such as allegations of potential schedule delay relevant to the investigation.


    A jury trial for this matter was held in June 2022, with the jury rendering a multi-million dollar judgment in favor of DisputeSoft’s client WTRI and nothing awarded to PMI.

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