DisputeSoft: Meet The Company Helping Clients Resolve IT And Software Project Failure Related Legal Disputes For Nearly 20 Years

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    Dr. Raj Subbu
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    DisputeSoft, experts in the complex technical and legal issues that can stem from software projects failure and I.T. systems failure and disputes, has been helping U.S. and international law firms and their clients achieve cost-effective resolutions to these disputes for nearly 20 years, and over 410 client engagements.

    DisputeSoft’s technically deep and legally savvy team brings wide-ranging expertise at the niche intersection of software technology and law, and further provides support through depositions and testifying at trials.

    The frequency with which I.T. systems fail has reached a surprisingly high rate: a recent report found that only 29% of I.T. projects are successful. There are three core reasons why any such project can fail: the software is too expensive, it took too long to implement, or it does not work and therefore does not fulfill its intended purpose. In these instances, DisputeSoft brings in its technical consulting experience in order to determine the core reasons of why the technology implementation did not work and helps determine the liability for the failure.

    As part of this, the team will often have to conduct a deep analysis of various IT and project management systems of record.

    Another key area that the company specializes in is investigating and acting as trade secrets misappropriation expert witnesses and intellectual property misappropriation. As software-based systems have an increasing impact on society and the economy, there are heightened concerns surrounding software leakage, such as unauthorized copying and misappropriation by prior partners, prior employees and contractors.

    DisputeSoft’s expertise in computer forensics expert witnesses combined with their vast proven experience in consulting on a diversity of software disputes positions them favorably in the legal marketplace for expert witness services in all types of software-related disputes. For example in trade-secret disputes, an essential aspect of DisputeSoft’s work in assessing these cases is determining the extent to which the supposed trade secrets can accurately be called ‘secrets.’

    The company’s experts utilize their experience in the field to analyze the state of the software industry in particular points in time. In doing so, they can judge whether the ‘trade secret’ was already public knowledge or not. In addition to this, DisputeSoft’s team of experts examines how far it can be concluded that the owner of the supposed trade secrets took reasonable precautionary measures to preserve their secrecy.

    Alongside disputes that result from software failures and trade secret misappropriation, DisputeSoft also carries out fundamental work in intellectual property and patent dispute cases. The team of experts analyzes patent claims and draws up in-depth claim charts, which serve to significantly bolster the strength of clients’ defenses.

    Additionally, the Washington DC-based company aids patent-owners that are contending with infringement challenges by conducting extensive analyses of the competitor’s product. In the U.S., patent litigation has cost defendants tens of billions of dollars per year, and many of these cases have involved software patents.

    DisputeSoft’s portfolio of clients includes sole practitioners, boutique practices, Big Law firms representing Fortune 100 companies, government clients, and corporate and individual clients across all industry verticals involved in software disputes.

    The DisputeSoft method is to utilize a combination of approaches: it employs a scientific, technical, and specialized understanding of the software industry to provide clients with the clearest and most detailed picture of the matter at hand while upholding the company’s core values of independence, objectivity, and intellectual honesty. In nearly 20 years and through more than 410 engagements, DisputeSoft has never failed a ‘Daubert challenge,’ which occurs when an expert’s opinion may be challenged and rejected due to improper qualifications, reasoning or methodology.

    According to Dr. Subbu, President of DisputeSoft, “DisputeSoft applies a collaborative team of experts together with a senior expert managing the technical investigative work, giving us the ability to take on very large and complex litigation matters that smaller teams or individual experts may not be able to. We find and document facts that can be defended in a court of law while providing a consistently outstanding client experience.

    Throughout the years, we have found ourselves involved in a great diversity of cases—copyright infringement, intellectual property disputes, failed partnerships, and software failures, among others. Our prior clients always tend to be our strongest champions” he shares.

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    The views given here are the author’s alone, and do not necessarily represent the views of other DisputeSoft experts.