DisputeSoft was engaged as a testifying expert by a well-known culinary chef in a licensing dispute with a large wholesale retailer.

    The culinary chef sought to recover damages for unbilled uses of her recipes on the wholesaler’s website. She alleged that the wholesaler had used her recipes and images thousands of times without payment to her.

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    As a testifying expert, DisputeSoft conducted the following analyses:

    Quantified the number of unique unbilled uses of the author’s intellectual property – her recipes and images – over a period of years.
    Analyzed the wholesaler’s website and mobile platforms (such as smartphones, iPad, and Android) for unique uses of the chef’s content.
    Determined the unique uses of this content pursuant to the license agreement between the parties.

    DisputeSoft’s analyses were used by a damages expert to calculate damages owed to the chef. DisputeSoft Founder Jeff Parmet proffered an expert report and gave deposition testimony on behalf of the culinary chef. The case settled in May 2015, just prior to trial.

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