DisputeSoft was engaged as a testifying expert in September 2018 by Infosys Limited to assist in an arbitration proceeding before the American Arbitration Association (AAA) involving an unsuccessful project to modernize TTI Inc.’s legacy mainframe applications and databases.

    Beginning in December 2014, Infosys and TTI entered into a series of contracts under which Infosys agreed to evaluate, document, and modernize TTI’s legacy mainframe computer systems. Ultimately, Infosys recommended an approach involving:

        1. Creating documentation for TTI’s existing systems;
        2. Installing new relational database hardware;
        3. Re-writing TTI’s legacy applications from COBOL to Java; and
        4. Modifying TTI’s existing applications to work with the new database system.

    On April 14, 2017, TTI terminated the project, alleging that Infosys’s modernized system was over budget, behind schedule, and plagued by various functional and technical defects. Infosys brought a counterclaim against TTI, alleging that the difficulties encountered during the project were attributable to insufficient staffing and poor management decisions on TTI’s part. Infosys subsequently engaged DisputeSoft to conduct a defect analysis and rebut TTI’s claims and support Infosys’s defenses and counterclaims.

    Our Services

    As software experts, DisputeSoft:

    Researched e-mail correspondence, project status reports, and change request data to determine whether TTI impeded Infosys’s ability to deliver the project on schedule.
    Conducted data analytics of “ServiceNow” problem ticketing records to assess TTI’s claim that the project contained excessive defects.
    Submitted a detailed expert report rebutting the claims of TTI’s expert that Infosys failed to meet the contract specifications, violated project management and software engineering industry standards, and failed to provide adequately-experienced technical staff.

    Infosys and TTI entered into a settlement agreement for an unspecified amount in January 2019, immediately prior to the arbitration hearing.

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