DisputeSoft was engaged in September 2008 as a software expert for Sony ATV Music Publishing regarding an online copyright infringement dispute in the matter of Sony ATV Music Publishing v. Cavs USA and Ace Karaoke in the US District Court for the Middle District of Tennessee (Nashville), Case No. 3:08cv265.

    Sony alleged that defendant Ace Karaoke engaged in the unauthorized sale of copyrighted karaoke music on e-commerce websites.

    DisputeSoft recovered evidence of unauthorized sales of Sony ATV Music’s downloadable works over a period of three years. Our experts developed scripts to retrieve, parse, and sort web-pages from the Internet Archive (archive.org) and other sources, which we used to obtain information concerning the extent of the offers of sale over time and to document them.

    DisputeSoft Founder and internet copyright infringement expert Jeff Parmet proffered an expert report for the plaintiff in November 2008. The parties settled in January 2010.

    Jeff Parmet

    Jeff Parmet (1946 – 2023)

    Founder & Chief Advisor (2003 - 2023)

    Jeff Parmet was a widely respected IT dispute resolution specialist who served as a consulting or testifying expert on more than 200 software-related disputes. Jeff served DisputeSoft clients in the capacity of software failure expert, software intellectual property expert, Internet/E-commerce expert, or computer forensic and electronic discovery expert, depending on the requirements of the particular matter. The hallmark of Jeff’s practice was independent and objective technical consulting services leading to advice and/or expert witness testimony involving information technology.

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