In 2017, DisputeSoft was engaged as a software expert by the defendant in the matter of Securus Technologies, Inc. (“Securus”) v. Global Tel*Link (“GTL”) Corporation, a patent infringement dispute between manufacturers of computerized prison telephone systems.

    Each party owned and operated a competing system for managing, processing, and monitoring inmate telephone calls. Plaintiff Securus brought suit against GTL in May 2016, asserting infringement of its patents relating to inmate call management and requesting a permanent injunction against GTL’s use of such technology. GTL brought similar patent infringement counterclaims against Securus.

    As a software expert for GTL, DisputeSoft reviewed GTL’s patents, conducted detailed examinations of Securus’s source code, and created claim charts depicting Securus’s use of patented technology. To support GTL’s invalidity contentions against Securus, DisputeSoft conducted extensive research into GTL’s prior-art. This research included compiling and executing the source code for GTL’s web-based user interface, capturing relevant screenshots, and assembling claim charts demonstrating the functionality of GTL’s system.

    Additionally, DisputeSoft assembled a prior-art “demonstration kit” to replicate the call processing and validation functionality of GTL’s system. The demonstration kit consisted of vintage telecommunications hardware on which DisputeSoft installed an early version of GTL’s call processing application. After configuring the call processing software and hardware, DisputeSoft successfully simulated the placement of an inmate telephone call through the prior-art demonstration kit.

    The dispute settled on terms favorable to DisputeSoft’s client prior to trial.

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