AGCO Prevails in Patent Litigation Against John Deere

    Nick Ferrara
    software patents expert witnesses

    December 2021 – DisputeSoft was retained in December 2021 by AGCO subsidiary Precision Planting which was defending itself from claims of patent infringement by John Deere, related to Deere’s patents on seed planting and planting accuracy and Precision Planting’s technology. 

    A Delaware jury recently found that AGCO and Precision Planting did not infringe on the said John Deere patents.

    DisputeSoft’s role was principally in forensic analysis as computer systems expert witnesses, analyzing system images and data to determine if confidential and relevant information from John Deere had leaked onto the devices of a former John Deere employee who had transitioned to AGCO. 

    DisputeSoft’s findings supported counsel’s arguments and ultimately the court’s decision to exclude the material. 

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