DisputeSoft was engaged by the Toronto Community Housing Corporation (TCHC) in the matter of TCHC v. ISSI Systems, a software project failure case.

    TCHC alleged that ISSI Systems misrepresented the capabilities of its product during the proposal process, then delivered a software solution that was late and defective. DisputeSoft software failure expert Todd Trivett testified on behalf of TCHC in the arbitration hearing.

    TCHC is the largest social housing provider in Canada and the second largest in North America. TCHC engaged ISSI Systems to design and implement a Tenant Management System to provide financial and operational support to its mission of providing affordable housing solutions to Toronto’s low and moderate-income households.

    TCHC alleged that ISSI Systems not only misrepresented the capabilities of its product but also failed to deliver the proposed solution within schedule and according to specifications agreed upon by the parties.

    DisputeSoft reviewed documents, interviewed fact witnesses, analyzed source code, and performed functional validation testing to determine whether the system provided was ready for production. Mr. Trivett testified regarding his findings that ISSI Systems had misrepresented its product’s capabilities and that the product was materially defective.

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