DisputeSoft was engaged as a software expert in June 2018 by legal counsel for a computer chip manufacturing company (Defendant) to assist in a patent infringement lawsuit brought by Realtime Adaptive Streaming, LLC (Realtime) before the U.S. District Court for the District of Colorado. The dispute involved the Defendant’s alleged infringement of Realtime’s patents relating to audio and video compression and decompression (codec) techniques.

    Realtime filed a patent infringement suit in May 2018, alleging, inter alia, that the Defendant’s integrated Graphics Processing Unit (GPU) contained physical implementations of video compression techniques protected under Realtime’s patents. DisputeSoft was engaged by counsel to review the Defendant’s open source software development toolkit and evaluate the strength of the patent claims. DisputeSoft’s examination focused on the Defendant’s methodologies for codec selection, encoder object creation, and implementation of extensions to the patented video compression standard.

    On April 14, 2017, TTI terminated the project, alleging that Infosys’s modernized system was over budget, behind schedule, and plagued by various functional and technical defects. Infosys brought a counterclaim against TTI, alleging that the difficulties encountered during the project were attributable to insufficient staffing and poor management decisions on TTI’s part. Infosys subsequently engaged DisputeSoft to conduct a defect analysis and rebut TTI’s claims and support Infosys’s defenses and counterclaims.

    Our Services

    As software experts, DisputeSoft performed the following services:

    Conducted a full trace of the Defendant’s source code for video encoding and decoding, including routines for codec selection, establishing entropy mode settings, and implementing scalable video coding.
    Researched documentation for the Defendant’s software development toolkit to gain a comprehensive understanding of its structure and operation.
    Drafted comprehensive written reports of its code review findings for incorporation into the Defendant’s non-infringement contentions.

    The parties entered into a settlement agreement for an unspecified amount in October 2018.

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