DisputeSoft was engaged as a testifying expert in May 2012 by Planet Bingo in the matter of Planet Bingo, LLC et al. v. VKGS, LLC in the Ingham County Circuit Court of Michigan.

    In 2006, Planet Bingo acquired Melange Computer Services, Inc. (Melange), the developer of a bingo hall management system, EPIC. As part of the purchase, Planet Bingo inherited a partnership between Melange and VKGS, doing business as Video King, whereby the two parties worked together to install the EPIC system and Video King electronic bingo devices at various bingo halls. Under a 2005 agreement, Video King was provided access to confidential EPIC source code and documentation to better market the software to bingo halls. Video King later developed a competing bingo management software, OMNI. In May 2011, Planet Bingo filed a breach of contract suit, alleging that Video King used confidential information to develop the OMNI software in violation of the 2005 agreement. Following dismissal of the May 2011 case due to lack of subject matter jurisdiction, Planet Bingo refiled the case in the Ingham County Circuit Court in December 2011.

    Our Services

    As a software expert, DisputeSoft:

    Compared database schemas, stored procedures, reports, and documents related to the EPIC system and OMNI software.
    Assessed the degree of similarity between the functionality, features, and design of the two systems and their corresponding reports and receipts.

    Founder Jeff Parmet submitted two declarations and an expert report on behalf of the plaintiff. The case was closed in February 2019, following a November 2018 order by the Michigan Court of Appeals that denied Planet Bingo’s application for leave to appeal for failure to persuade the Court of the need for appellate review.

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