In 2018, DisputeSoft was engaged as a software expert by the defendant in the matter of Philips v. HTC, a patent infringement dispute between smartphone manufacturers.

    Plaintiff Philips owned multiple patents relating to touch screen functionality, including patents for keyboard virtualization and screen magnification. Philips alleged that HTC’s smartphone products infringed upon these touch screen patents. DisputeSoft reviewed and traced HTC’s source code and drafted detailed code review summaries, which ultimately supported HTC’s contention of non‑infringement.

    DisputeSoft conducted extensive review of HTC’s Java source code to understand the manner in which HTC’s applications handled screen magnification, scrolling, and “fling” operations. This research revealed that HTC’s products relied heavily upon existing open source packages to handle touch screen operations such as scroll velocity determination, scroll deceleration, and boundary detection.

    DisputeSoft also reviewed multiple versions of HTC’s virtual keyboard source code to identify functional differences across versions. As a result of this review, DisputeSoft identified inaccuracies in Philips’s infringement contentions. DisputeSoft drafted comprehensive summaries of its code review findings for incorporation into HTC’s non-infringement contentions.

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