DisputeSoft was retained as an internet forensics and online defamation expert in October 2011 by defendant Hellenic Marble in connection with NTP Marble, Inc. t/a Colonial Marble & Granite (“Colonial Marble”) v. AAA Hellenic Marble, Inc. et al. in the US District Court for the Eastern District of Pennsylvania, Case No. 2:09-cv-05783-LAS.

    NTP Marble alleged that Hellenic Marble had posted malicious reviews of NTP on the Internet. The reviews had been posted by a lower-level employee of Hellenic sometimes from public computers in libraries or cafes and sometimes from Hellenic company computers. The case centered on whether the employee did so entirely on his own or within the scope of his employment. DisputeSoft consulted with counsel on correlating the originating locations and timestamps to sort out who had actually entered the negative reviews.

    Our computer forensics analyst prepared two expert reports and assisted in preparing for depositions and interpreting the testimony. Particularly important was guidance to counsel in deposing the evasive representative of one Internet service company to extract concurrence that inputs from a company IP address did not mean that the communication was necessarily a corporate act. DisputeSoft’s experts were scheduled to appear at trial for two days of testimony before the case settled in mid-2012.

    G. Hunter Jones

    Managing Director & Forensic Examiner

    Hunter Jones has over 40 years of experience as a systems engineer, working in IT consulting and computer system development. As a systems developer, he is intimately familiar with the internals of computer systems, both operating systems and application programs. As a certified computer forensics specialist (EnCase Certified Examiner and GIAC Certified Forensic Examiner), Hunter has established credentials in the fields of computer forensics and electronic discovery. Hunter also has deep knowledge of computer forensics as it relates disputes concerning medical malpractice, video files, patent infringement, and internet misconduct.

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