DisputeSoft was engaged as a testifying expert by Federal Signal Technologies in February 2014 in the matter of Federal Signal Technologies, LLC v. Texas Department of Transportation before the Texas State Office of Administrative Hearings.

    In November 2011, Federal Signal was awarded a three-year contract by the Texas Department of Transportation (TxDOT) to develop billing and toll collection software. In July 2012, TxDOT terminated the contract for convenience. According to the contact’s termination for convenience provision, TxDOT was obligated to pay “the contract price prorated for acceptable service performed” up to the date of termination.

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    DisputeSoft was engaged by Federal Signal to determine the extent to which it had completed “acceptable service performed” on a contract for custom development for the Texas Department of Transportation. DisputeSoft reached a determination regarding the amount of such services performed by assessing the percent complete of each of the 57 deliverables composing the project’s eight payment milestones. To assess the percent complete of each deliverable, DisputeSoft:

    Reviewed and analyzed the deliverables, project schedules, email correspondence, and source code related to work submitted for the payment milestones.
    Developed methodologies for calculating the percent complete of each deliverable, including the use of models based upon the project’s Agile nature and statistics gathered from the as-planned schedules.
    Determined an overall percent complete by weighting each milestone by its cost in the contract and totaling the percent complete for each milestone.

    DisputeSoft Founder Jeff Parmet proffered an expert report and gave deposition testimony on behalf of Federal Signal. DisputeSoft’s findings were used by a damages expert to calculate amounts due under the termination for convenience provision. The case settled prior to hearing.

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