DisputeSoft was engaged as a testifying expert in the matter of Certification Trendz v. Ning Zhou, et al., a copyright and trademark infringement case.

    The defendants allegedly resold copyrighted software and exam preparation materials and used plaintiff’s trademark to drive traffic to defendants’ websites.

    Certification Trendz, Ltd., (Trendz) provides online testing and certification tools for IT professionals under the “Testking” trademark. The defendants allegedly resold Testking software and materials at discount prices and used the Testking trademark to drive search traffic to websites under defendants’ control.

    DisputeSoft investigated these allegations of copyright and trademark infringement, conducting source code analysis to verify that the defendants had in fact infringed upon Trendz’s intellectual property rights.

    DisputeSoft digital trademark infringement expert Jeff Parmet proffered testimony in an affidavit that the defendants had repeatedly used Trendz’s trademark and copyrighted materials on several websites under their operation and control. The defendants were found in contempt of court, and the infringing websites and material were taken down.

    After helping Trendz reach a favorable resolution in the Ning Zhou matter, DisputeSoft was re-engaged to investigate a similar case of copyright and trademark infringement. In the matter of Certification Trendz v. Yanan Feng, et al., DisputeSoft conducted an investigation that revealed numerous instances of trademark infringement and provided clear evidence of copyright infringement. These findings were proffered to the court in an affidavit authored by DisputeSoft. The case settled in July 2010.

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