DisputeSoft was engaged in May 2008 in a case involving an alleged sexual assault in a college dorm room.

    The student accused of the assault had been acquitted based on a video of the event, which had been captured by the student’s MacBook camera and which showed the act to be consensual. The defendant alleged, however, that the video had been altered in that portions of the incident had been deleted.

    DisputeSoft performed a forensic analysis of the video file and found no evidence of it having been altered, consistent with the defendant’s testimony.

    G. Hunter Jones

    Managing Director Emeritus

    Hunter Jones has over 40 years of experience as a systems engineer, working in IT consulting and computer system development. As a systems developer, he is intimately familiar with the internals of computer systems, both operating systems and application programs. As a certified computer forensics specialist (EnCase Certified Examiner and GIAC Certified Forensic Examiner), Hunter has established credentials in the fields of computer forensics and electronic discovery. Hunter also has deep knowledge of computer forensics as it relates disputes concerning medical malpractice, video files, patent infringement, and internet misconduct.

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