DisputeSoft was engaged by the plaintiff in Butler v. The New York Times Co., a suit filed with the Circuit Court of Alachua County, Florida.

    The plaintiff claimed that stories printed by the defendant unfairly portrayed him in a false light, and engaged DisputeSoft to assist in discovery and examination of the editorial system used by the newspaper.

    The plaintiff, a Gainesville land developer, alleged that articles printed in The Gainesville Sun, a subsidiary of the The New York Times, falsely portrayed the plaintiff as trying to bribe or influence individuals involved in a road expansion project. The plaintiff sought discovery of the editorial system used by the newspaper’s staff to store and revise drafts of articles in electronic form.

    DisputeSoft electronic discovery expert Hunter Jones prepared an affidavit that defined an approach for examining the editorial system and retrieving all versions of these documents. The court found that the suit was subject to a two-year statute of limitations and dismissed the case.

    G. Hunter Jones

    Managing Director & Forensic Examiner

    Hunter Jones has over 40 years of experience as a systems engineer, working in IT consulting and computer system development. As a systems developer, he is intimately familiar with the internals of computer systems, both operating systems and application programs. As a certified computer forensics specialist (EnCase Certified Examiner and GIAC Certified Forensic Examiner), Hunter has established credentials in the fields of computer forensics and electronic discovery. Hunter also has deep knowledge of computer forensics as it relates disputes concerning medical malpractice, video files, patent infringement, and internet misconduct.

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