The software development intern is a problem solver whose work requires him/her to design creative software applications to support both the work DisputeSoft performs for its clients and DisputeSoft’s internal business processes. Past intern projects have included a tool for comparing the similarity of disputed programs, an online system that helps DisputeSoft manage its inventory of often confidential items, a marketing analytics reporting system, and a user interface for a consulting application that measures software project delay.

    Software development interns who show themselves capable may also be asked to assist on client work. In this role, the intern becomes a technological investigator whose work requires him/her to uncover factual information and provide analysis about the significance of that information. Such investigatory work changes based on the unique circumstances of each dispute on which DisputeSoft consults: one day you might write scripts in Python or Perl to determine whether a disputed software system takes advantage of modern programming paradigms; the next you might use an internal application to compare the similarity of two applications at issue in a copyright case; the next you might analyze a forensic image of a hard drive.

    Qualified candidates for the position will possess the following skills and qualifications:

    • Currently enrolled in a college or university or recently graduated
    • Understanding of object-oriented computing concepts
    • Academic or professional experience with C, C++, C# or Java
    • Academic or professional experience with SQL
    • Demonstrated programming ability
    • Strong technical problem-solving skills
    • Ability to adapt quickly to new challenges

    DisputeSoft employees enjoy a relaxed and inclusive office culture that allows for flexible hours and provides opportunities for lifelong learning. The firm provides free lunch on Fridays and keeps its cupboards stocked with snacks, soft drinks, coffee, and frozen meals for employees.

    DisputeSoft interns have gone on to work at IBM, Amazon, YouTube, Capital One, and Yelp!, among other top-tier companies.

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    Spring 2020 Software Development Intern