DisputeSoft reduces the cost of source code analysis and comparison by using our proprietary Code Examiner tool.

    At DisputeSoft, our experts are often called upon to analyze sets of source code, to identify (a) similarities and differences in IP litigation; and (b) risk factors in mergers and acquisitions (M&A) audits and due diligence investigations. As software programs typically contain thousands of lines of code, a manual review of code sets can require a substantial amount of time at significant cost, especially in the case of comparing multiple code sets.

    DisputeSoft reduces the cost of source code analysis and comparison by using our proprietary Code Examiner tool. Employing industry-standard algorithms, Code Examiner programmatically analyzes individual code sets or compares multiple sets of source code, identifying similarities for targeted manual review. Use of this tool can dramatically (a) reduce the time necessary to complete an investigation and (b) increase the accuracy of the investigation’s results.

    Code Examiner uses a number of analytic and comparison techniques well known in the software development industry, including file hash comparisons, file metadata analysis, file-to-file comparisons, line-to-line comparisons, and fingerprinting analyses. Code Examiner employs these techniques not only to compare source code sets but also to identify open source or third-party source code present in the analyzed source code that attorneys may need to take into account.

    Code Examiner’s analytical techniques can be applied to computer programs written in any language as well as to database schemas and stored procedure code. These broadly applicable techniques allow our experts to identify potentially copied or misappropriated source code and to eliminate original code that was not copied from another source.  We then provide formal or informal reports, as required, describing our findings in disputes and investigations covering a wide variety of technologies.

    DisputeSoft analysts run a comparison between the original or copyrighted source code set and the accursed or allegedly infringing source code set to determine whether the same text appears in both programs and the extent to which the programs overlap.

    Need assistance conducting a source code examination?

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