DisputeSoft was engaged as a consulting expert in July 2005 by William A. Morgan, Jr. P.C. (William Morgan) in the matter of William A. Morgan, Jr. P.C. v. Susan Wiswell and Angela Murphy in the U.S. District Court for the District of Columbia. The lawsuit related to allegations that two former employees, Wiswell and Murphy, gained unauthorized access to William Morgan’s email accounts and misappropriated valuable information from the company’s computer system.

    Upon their resignations from the certified public accounting (CPA) firm in June, Wiswell and Murphy used their former login credentials to gain unauthorized access to William Morgan’s GroupWise email system and NetWare network 110 times in an attempt to steal proprietary company information and to disrupt the firm’s business practices.

    Nature of Dispute

    In August 2005, William Morgan filed a civil action under the Computer Fraud and Abuse Act (CFAA) and the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA), alleging that Wiswell and Murphy:

    Enabled an automatic email forwarding rule to forward messages from the firm’s President, Mr. William Morgan, and Vice President, Ms. Merritt Wingate, including the firm’s confidential business information and client email communications.
    Attempted to keep William Morgan understaffed by submitting fictious candidate resumes and deleting emails from or scheduling fake interviews with legitimate job candidates applying to replace the CPA and bookkeeper positions vacated by Wiswell and Murphy, respectively.

    Our Services

    As a technical consulting expert for William Morgan, DisputeSoft:

    Performed an on-site forensic examination of the former employees’ hard drives and assessed the firm's NetWare Apache web server access logs for evidence of unauthorized access.
    Identified IP addresses of computers from which unauthorized access was attempted, and traced those IP addresses via the Sam Spade Internet website’s “whois” function to Wiswell’s new place of employment, Hildebrand, Limparis & Associates, and her place of residence, Middletown, Maryland.
    Analyzed email server logs for evidence of unauthorized access to Mr. Morgan and Ms. Wingate’s email accounts, and located emails automatically forwarded from Ms. Wingate’s account that contained confidential client information.

    DisputeSoft experts oversaw preparations of affidavits and submitted a declaration on behalf of William Morgan. Our experts concluded that the defendants had unlawfully attempted to gain access to William Morgan’s GroupWise email system and NetWare network to steal confidential information and disrupt William Morgan’s business practices. The case settled in March 2006 prior to testimony.

    Jeff Parmet

    Jeff Parmet

    Founder & Chief Advisor

    Jeff Parmet is a widely respected IT dispute resolution specialist who has served as a consulting or testifying expert on more than 200 software-related disputes. Jeff serves DisputeSoft clients in the capacity of software failure expert, software intellectual property expert, Internet/E-commerce expert, or computer forensic and electronic discovery expert, depending on the requirements of the particular matter. The hallmark of Jeff’s practice is independent and objective technical consulting services leading to advice and/or expert witness testimony involving information technology.

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